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Managing file & folder permissions with PowerShell is only a bit easier than in VBS or the command line as there are no cmdlets for most day-to-day tasks like getting a permission report or adding permission to an item. PowerShell only offers Get-Acl and Set-Acl but everything in between getting and setting the ACL is missing. This module closes the gap.

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You have two options:

Install-Module -Name NTFSSecurity

Further help can be found in How to install if you face difficulties getting this module installed.


The cmdlets are yet not documented completely so Get-Help will not show help for all the cmdlets. This ReadTheDocs site is the first step to documenting the module.


There are a number of tutorials available on the web. The below two were written by the author of the NTFSSecurity module.

NTFSSecurity Tutorial 1 - Getting, adding and removing permissions NTFSSecurity Tutorial 2 - Managing NTFS Inheritance and Using Privileges